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Supercharge your digital transformation using Microsoft Office addins

Addins allow you to extend the familiar features of Microsoft Office applications. We specialize in creating Microsoft addins which increase adoption and connect people to new and better ways to work. There has never been a better time to use Office and addins to standardize and enhance your business process.

SOP for Office 365

Every business process benefits from Standard Operating Procedures and Visuals job aids. SOP for Office 365 allows you to create, manage and publish your SOPs using all the great features of the Microsoft Cloud.

Groups for Office 365

Office 365 is a new and modern way to work. Groups for Office 365 streamlines and improves the way your teams perform. Using this application, you can easily migrate date from your existing data sources to Office 365 Groups.

Leads for Office 365

Not every company needs the sophistication and complication of a full-blown CRM system like Dynamics 365 Sales. Their needs are better served with a CRM process like Leads for Office 365

Membership for Office 365

Membership management is an important aspect of those organizations whose members rely on information and know how. Membership for Office 365 brings all the great features of Office 365 to your management system and improves member satisfaction.

Publish to Sharepoint

Use all the document management features of Sharepoint within your Office applications including versioning, workflow and sharing.

Import for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Financials allows you to migrate to a modern ERP system in the cloud. Any new accounting system implementation benefits from an easy to use data migration from your old system.